Dear Cris Notti, Thank you so much for helping me to locate an emergency sleep mask replacement here in miami. You’re a real life saver! I am hooked on your product and there is absolutely no substitution.

The slightest ambient light disturbs my sleep and I have highly sensitive and delicate skin. I sleep with one of your masks on every single night. Over the years, I have tried dozens of different sleep masks and not one of them can compare. Cris Notti sleep masks are hands down the most superior sleep mask on the market.

Not only are they gorgeous to look at and fun to wear, the high quality natural materials, fine workmanship and brilliant design make them out perform every other sleep mask I have ever tried.

Cris Notti sleep masks are the only sleep mask I’ve found that can keep out rays without putting pressure on my eyes or damaging my skin. I never have to worry about waking with lines on my face, feeling hot and bothered when I put it on, or experiencing an allergic reaction. Your sleep masks are so light weight and breathable they are truly a dream come true.

As for my favorite design, I’m so sorry I don’t know the name. It has shades of blue, green and yellow stripes. It was featured as the bottom mask on the cover of Romantic Homes Aug/2007. It is one of the very first Cris Notti sleep masks I purchased and I immediately fell madly in love. I haven’t been able to find that pattern for sometime now. If that pattern is unavailable, I’m wild about lots of your beautiful designs like Capri blue, blue indigo, pink kaleidoscope, purple dragon and now black dragon just to name a few. Funny I’m always drawn to the colorful patterns but I am really loving the blackout effect the black dragon provides. What can I say… all of your masks are exceptional.

Thank you for creating my eternal favorite thing.


Alisa Peretz
Doral, Florida