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Most sleep mask companies ship their production overseas. Every Bona Notti sleep mask is made in the United States and each eye mask is hand sewn and quality checked numerous times. Quality along with beauty-in-design continue to be the hallmarks of the Bona Notti Company.

Sleep in Style


Cris Notti is a graduate of the Otis Art Institute of Parsons School of Design. She was born and raised in Los Angeles but her first language was that of her parents, Italian.

At the age of 8, Cris began to make patterns and hand sew clothes for herself. When she was 11, she was given a sewing machine and started designing her own wardrobe using her allowance to hire local dressmakers to help execute her ideas.

Years later, she earned her college degree while she was running her own small fashion business, making “made to measure” professional suits for women executives in the film industry.

Her business grew into a retail store in Beverly Hills for her exclusive designs and a line of better dresses. Blending her technical and fine arts training with old world traditions – luxurious fabrics, handmade details and superior craftsmanship – she added her modern California lifestyle of humor, fun and the unexpected to create a new line. Her designs were quickly scooped up by major TV shows, stars, celebrities and she built a loyal following.

Cris Notti

After years in the clothing business, Cris noticed a void in the cosmetic and travel accessories market. Although fashion moves quickly and touches everything, these items lacked fashion. Everything was black and either canvas or microfiber and poorly made. Cosmetic bags were a giveaway or throw away item.

Cris set out to change all that and she has!

Her exclusive fabrics and innovative shapes are like no one else in the industry. By using materials never before associated with beauty and travel accessories, and her knowledge of construction, she has created items that are practical, fashionable and luxurious.

She has even made the generic black sleep mask typically made of black polyester with a cardboard lining into a fashion statement by using beautiful silks and cotton padding.

Her sleep masks have been copied by Paris couture designers and dozens of internet stores.

Cris has 35+ years of hands-on experience in all aspects of fashion concept to design, fabric print, construction, manufacturing, wholesaling and retailing, allowing her to understand both her retailers’ needs and the end consumers’ desires.

Cris lives in Los Angeles with her husband where she runs Bona Notti and Cris Notti Jewels, Inc.

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