How to Choose the Right Sleep Mask for Your Face

Feb 10, 2017




Americana Heartland Silk Sleep Mask

Most people don’t have a lot of experience with sleep masks other than the low-quality type offered free by hotels and airlines. These inexpensive masks are often hard to wear, plus they don’t work very well. It can be easy to assume that all other masks have the same problem.

Benefits of Sleep Masks

The truth is, however, that a well-made eye mask that fits your face can actually do a lot to improve your sleep. A good quality sleep mask is an effective way to keep out light, whether you need to take a fast nap or you’re trying to overcome jet lag. You can use your mask just about anywhere, from the train or airplane to the hospital or a hotel.

They also work well to block outside lights in your bedroom or allow you to sleep comfortably during the day for shift work. Some people even use their sleep masks to help themselves get a quick nap or a better meditation experience at the office.

Choosing the Right Sleep Mask

There are two big things to consider when you buy a sleep mask: quality and comfort. A poorly-fitted mask or one made from the wrong material will make it difficult to fall asleep and stay asleep. Ideally, your mask should be soft, flexible and light-weight, with contours that keep it from pressing against your eyes. Choose a mask with a soft strap that won’t cut in.

Even the most comfortable eye shade won’t help if it doesn’t block light very well. Look for a product made from opaque materials that won’t allow most light to pass through. Pay attention to the shape of the mask, as well. Many poorly-designed options allow light to enter the mask around the nose or via a bad fit along the edges.


Once you’ve found an eye mask that will block light effectively and provide you with a comfortable night’s sleep, you’re free to think about color, design and other visual factors. There are many masks available, from the purely utilitarian to the fanciful. There are even themed masks based on popular characters.

While the appearance of your eye shade won’t really affect on how easy it is to sleep in, you’ll enjoy owning a mask you like the look of more than one that simply does its job. Choose the right sleep mask for yourself and get a good night’s sleep.