Eight Great Travel Gifts

Feb 13, 2013




travel gifts

If you’ve ever tried to pick up the perfect travel gift for a friend or family member who’s always on the go, you probably know how hard it can be. After all, some world travelers rarely stay home long enough to unpack, much less get the most out of home electronics or other common gifts.

That’s why it’s so important to focus on travel gifts that can be used both in transit and at home. The right present can give your favorite traveler a more comfortable, entertaining or convenient trip. Here are a few popular ideas to make travel more pleasant.

1.E-readers – Books are a traditional travel gift, but they can get bulky and cumbersome. That’s why a tablet or an e-reader is such a good choice for anyone who needs to travel frequently. If you want to purchase a travel gift for someone who already has an e-reader, store credit or a virtual book work well.

2. VIP lounge access – Airports can be very uncomfortable places, especially if you don’t have a lot of time or energy to spare. That’s why VIP lounge access for your friend or relative’s favorite airline or airport could be a great choice. Using a program like Priority Pass, you can cover the yearly base fee and the per-visit costs, while your special someone gets an extra chance to put his or her feet up.

3. Noise-canceling headphones – While music headphones are popular for frequent fliers, they don’t provide the kind of quiet environment you need for a nap. Noise-canceling headphones are great for anyone who wants to tune out other travelers, loud children, or environmental noise while on the go.

4. Travel kits – A custom kit of small accessories makes an inexpensive but thoughtful gift. Put together an attractive bag containing things like an eye mask, wrinkle remover spray, stain remover stick and their favorite edible goodies. Add small versions of your gift recipient’s favorite toiletries and snacks to make the next flight more comfortable.

5. Travel equipment – Good luggage and other travel extras can make a trip a lot easier. Put some thought into it by choosing pieces that are well-suited for your traveler’s particular tastes. Jewelry cases work well to keep ornaments in good condition, while specialized electronics bags actually charge devices in transit.

6. Wireless hotspot credit – While many airports offer free wireless access, a significant number haven’t yet upgraded. Consider picking up a travel gift of access to one of the major hotspot providers to help your traveler stay connected on the go. For about $10 per month, Boingo will enable unlimited Wi-Fi access at over 600 airports.

7. Power adapters – International travelers often have trouble with different power standards. Prevent this problem by choosing a multi-country adapter for electronics and other devices.

8. Online travel alerts – These fee-based services provide fast access to a range of information, including hotel and flight confirmations, potential refunds, delayed flights and much more. TripIt will organize details from emailed flight and hotel information, and send alerts to members to delayed flights or refunds. For $4.99 a month, ExpertFlyer.com notifies flyers when a coveted seat becomes available on their flight, or flight upgrade opportunities.


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