Magic Carpet Silk Sleep Mask
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Magic Carpet Silk Sleep Mask

Magic Carpet Silk Sleep Mask. Designer luxury silk sleep mask made with hypoallergenic silk and cotton helps prevent wrinkles and improve sleep. Contrast back, light flexible elastic, pure unbleached cotton padding.

Bona Notti sleep masks are made from silk which is extremely gentle and soft. Another feature that makes Bona Notti eye masks so comfortable is that there is no heavy binding around the edges to push against your face. Also, the lace that is used on the back of the mask is soft and color coordinated with the design on the front of the mask. This soft elastic lace is very gentle, so you can turn and roll without really even knowing it’s there.

Bona Notti eye masks are designed to help prevent wrinkles. This works because when you sleep with one of our masks the area all around your eyes is cushioned. This helps prevent wrinkles caused by pillows and bedding materials.