BubbleUp Silk Sleep Mask
BubbleUp Silk Sleep Mask

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BubbleUp Silk Sleep Mask

Our BubbleUp Silk Sleep Mask is made of pure silk jacquard embossed with what appears to be bubbles on a turquoise and emerald background. Also, purple, navy and white bubbles complete the beautiful look. Also, matching silk charmeuse back with contrasting elastic.

Bona Notti eye masks are made from 100% silk on the back (next to your face) and pure cotton on the inside. And, they are hypoallergenic. Each and every Bona Notti sleep mask is made like a beautiful, handmade garment for your eyes. Most other sleep masks are made with synthetic materials, which don’t provide the same level of comfort and skin protection that silk does.

Every Bona Notti sleep mask is made right here in the United States. Most sleep mask companies ship their production overseas. But each Bona Notti eye mask is hand sewn and every single one is quality checked a number of times. In addition, quality along with beauty-in-design continue to be the hallmarks of the Bona Notti Company.