Kimono Green Silk Sleep Mask
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Kimono Green Silk Sleep Mask

Kimono Green Silk Sleep Mask features authentic Kimono Fabric from a 400 year old mill in Kyoto Japan. Also, this is a rayon chirimen print exclusive to Kimono fabric. The flowers, mountains, rivers and bridges are a very old print that has been used for hundreds of years. Colors of dark navy blue, orange, green and tan highlighted with a contrast pure silk charmeuse back, light flexible elastic and pure unbleached cotton padding. In addition, designer luxury silk sleep masks made with hypoallergenic silk and cotton help prevent wrinkles.

Bona Notti eye masks are made from 100% silk backs (next to your face) and pure cotton on the inside. In addition, they are hypoallergenic. Each and every Bona Notti sleep mask is made like a beautiful, handmade garment for your eyes. Most other sleep masks are made with synthetic materials, which don’t provide the same level of comfort and skin protection that silk does.

Bona Notti sleep masks, except brocade, can be machine washed or washed by hand in warm water. (Brocades also need to be hand washed). Then, all you have to do is hang them to dry. You can use your eye mask again and again.